A primeira bicicleta impressa em 3D

Grande avanço tecnológico, que irá permitir reduzir custos e "produzir" na hora e localmente, bicicletas à medida!!

"Engineers from the Bristol wing of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) have announced the development of the first bicycle using Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) technology. The manufacturing process involves 'growing' the components from a fine nylon powder, similar in concept to 3D printing. Said to be as strong as steel, the end product is claimed to contain only a fraction of the source material used by traditional machining, and the process results in much less waste. It also has the potential to take manufacture to precisely where the component or product is needed, instead of being confined to factories often located a great distance away."

Actualmente já dispomos de impressoras 3D baratas e até OpenSource, que nos permitem imprimir todo o tipo de objectos em plástico com dimensões de 150x150x150mm -- vejam aqui o que os utilizadores andam a imprimir: Thingiverse